Getting To Zero: ∈ How To Make Data Meaningful

∈ means '(is) an element of' For instance, 'Let a∈A' means 'Let a be an element of A
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Who I am/Where I'm Coming From


director of adolescent health for lutheran family health centers project reach youth now of nyu {{illustrate the meaning and the story behind the long nmame here}}

I've always been obssesed with meaning. With understanding and feeling understood. The longest constant thread I can trace in my work, in my living, is creating spaces, environemnts, tools, experiences, performances, where people can understand and be understood. Tracing this could look like HS: CAS and group of friends?/camp counselor College: Rainbow Theatre Poetry: poems BK-life: PRY system, all life: checkins! everyones favorite part of staff meetings and the class I taught

pull from previous thesis statements and who I ams from slide deck

And someone who has a friend, a brother, in prison

Here maybe a good place to link the people in prison and jail to the families they belong to and communiities they are/were a part of. Like: "i am one of the x number of people who has a __ a ___ in prison (and jail)" where x is the outpue of some algorithm like the number of people in prison and jail times the average number of people in U.S. families, adjusted for the dimensions that families in real life take.

Why This Project

Getting to Zero

Getting To Zero is part of a larger project which makes up the cannon of my work from grad school. The collection is called 'How To Make Data Meaningful.'

Defining Language:


Key Distinctions

Make a cytoscape demo for these here. And maybe try using the npr method of sourcing your own iframes using a seperate page with a cytoscape canvas for interactive and transformative. * Or actually try implementing that for the Buber prototype. Andd add theBuber prototype to this page


any code and tutorials I create out of the project


Edward Tufte

How To Make Data Meaningful: The List

1. Make it expressive (make it art?)
1.5 Personalize it
2. Embed Multiple Dimensions (annotating)
2.5 Connecting it to the rest of the (digital) world
3. Transformative Interactions (transformative vs. interactive data viz)
4. Structure it so it can be used as widely and dynamically as possible
5. Create Living Archives
6. Make it actionable (LangRec Machine)-||Or do 1-5 make it 6?
7. Allow users to engage with thr data through building visual mental models along with the info
8. Systems Baby! (pry demo)
And then I will build a d3 chart that connects all my projects/prototypes to the different parts of the list that they exhibit to show what I mean.

Projects Examples for How To Make Data Meaningful

Living Archive

Define and explain th eliving archive as well as the living archive of this project itself
Genocide Watch and Act
I need to add a link and maybe iframe to the page where I am developing the living archive part of this project

Language Recreation/Mental Models

Mental Models/ Langauge Recreation


LangRec Machine + Building Your Own DIctionary
Mental Models {{Buber example from codepen even 0.1 can go here}}

How To Give Digital Text A Voice

Combine Two Dimensions Of The Same Expression
Black History Alphabet
stable version
Choreograph Text
With Javascript
Everything Begins As One
Create Living
Love like the sun
Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) And Typography
Fire and Violence
Program Interaction And Animation
Folding Poetry: Us Humans
Make Participatory And Improvisational Tools
Word Pool, Poem Generator

Notes On The Format Of This Document

This project is attempting to continue the work of Brett Victor's Ten Brighter Ideas? An Explorable Explanation.

This document is meant to be both the description and outcome of my thesis, which features experiments and elucidations {{expand}} on the the question of how to make all this data we have meaningful. {{We* have access* to all the data-now what? What to do with all the information in the word?}}

In order to report and make a record of my research and experiment findings, am interested in trying to create a document that is more 'alive,' then the current web and computer forms we have.

In addition to Brett Victor's Explorable Explanations, another point of reference for this kind of work is Wolfram Mathematica's Computable Document Format

The form of my thesis project is heavily inspired, and may be understood as an attempt at producing what Brett Victor called an Explorable Explanation

What is Computable Document Format™(CDF)? Today's online documents are like yesterday's paper—flat, lifeless, inactive. Instead, CDF puts easy-to-author interactivity at its core, empowering readers to drive content and generate results live.
source: Wolfram Website