PROTOTYPE-TAMR Interactive 3D Logo

  • This is a prototype of the TAMR logo in 3D to be used for development.
  • The camera is currently set to the mouse which makes the environment interactive.
  • There are still a number of things being worked out.
  • Some context and possibilities for animations are below this prototype.

Non-Ortho Environment With Animation and Orbit Control

  • This environment has 3D cylinders set up without using orthographic projection.
  • This environment also leverages orbitControl(), which is a p5 allowance (based on WebGL) that allows users to move the entire scene by clicking and dragging anywhere on the canvas (you can try it!).
    • There are some conflicts this would cause with the animation, but I thought it would be a good possibility to surface in general.

Animating Object Rotation in Ortho

  • This environment has 3D cylinders set up using orthographic projection.
  • The animation leverages the frames of thedraw() function to rotate the objects on the x-axes.
  • We can customize the speed and number of frames for an objects rotations.

Ortho-With Camera Attached To Mouse

  • This environment has a camera attached to the mouse– so that you can explore some of the camera options within an ortho() environment.
  • This is just an exploration of what is possible. Try moving your mouse around the canvas.