Transformative Technology

I specialize in using technology to discover and share our most important ideas. I believe that the transformative power of technology is in our ability to harness it  for creative and complex problem solving and expression.

Interactive Web Experiences

I specialize in creating interactive environments for learning and expression.

Native Mobile Apps

I have used React Native to build a native mobile app that guides users through a poetry writing activity.

Custom WordPress Sites

I believe in using the right tool for the right job, and often times, the workhorse CMS (Content Management System) WordPress provides enough flexibility to be a stunning solution for even the biggest project goal’s. I am an expert in using WordPress to develop unique and custom websites tailored to a client’s vision.

My Special Sauce

Here are some of the things that make my work special:


I  specialize in connecting your vision to the technology needed to make it real. Whether you have identified a feature on another website you want to replicate, or just know how you want people to feel when they visit your website, I have the technical and intuitive skills to make it happen.


I believe in making the web (and the world) a delightful place. I use the latest technologies and practices to create sustainable solutions. I write code that is elegant, concise, and easily maintained. I consider how the things we put into the world make people feel.


I am a productivity geek, and I practice many aspects of David Allen’s Getting Things Done Methodology. I also use the Pomodoro Technique, Mind Maps, and wiki style notes to plan out my work at a high level and execute tasks on the ground.

What They Say

Here are some testimonials from people I have worked with in the past:

Christopher Darby, Co-Founder FourthWrite

“It was a pleasure working with Daniel on our website. I appreciated how Daniel took to the time to understand our organizational goals so he could create the best possible site for us. Daniel balanced the look and function of our website in a way that allowed our current clients to easily access our services.”

Timothy Mullen,Team Lead Codecademy

“Daniel’s work is imbued with compassion. His favor for clear communication stands out as an unparalleled technical skill. He cherishes the gift of learning a new idea, something quite apparent in the teaching materials he developed at Codecademy. It is also obvious by having a conversation with him, something I cannot recommend enough.

Daniel developed inter-team communication systems that continue to be vital and built some of the most valuable products in the Codecademy catalog. He is intelligent, capable, and empathetic. He would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Lauren Whitehead, Writer-Performer-Dramaturg

“Daniel understands technology, what it’s used for and what it’s capable of and he uses that knowledge to help you build a website that is exactly what you need. When I came to him with my ideas, he helped to  make it happen, not just creating it for me, but walking me through the tools so I could be my own webmaster. Now I have a website that I love! Beyond being aesthetically clean, it is also easily updated and malleable.”

Let’s Work Together