After my meeting with Benedetta yesterday I spent some time returning to my question ‘how does a poem get someone out of prison?’ I generated a mind map of that process which you can see and zoom around on if you want here.

Screenshot 2017 04 07 16 50 41

But don’t worry, all of that was just to get to where I (think I) needed to be.

So I got rid of all the data stuff, and all the media for now and just started writing this poem that I’ve been writing for a long time.

So here is the link to the direction I am thinking of taking for thesis.
“Imagining New Worlds With Digital Text”

Screenshot 2017 04 07 16 52 31

So I have this poem about the language of transformation and my idea is that I would use javascript to make each line of the poem demonstrate the meaning of what the line of text says. Kind of like using the methods from my prototypes for the lines of this poem (if that makes sense?).

And then I would add some magic animations and interactions throughout to try and demonstrate this language that I feel like we need and can create to transform the world and get everyone out of prison 🙂

I will keep working to try and make a prototype that I can user test with by this weekend if you think this is the right direction. I am meeting with Francesca today to go over it, and she has seen my project through a bunch of stages so I’m excited about that.

I presented This new iteration (based on feedback from my meeting with Benedetta) for user testing to Francesca, who has (again) pushed my project forward with her brilliance. The main takeaway for me was the idea of “amplifying the words through a performance where the words transmit their meaning.’

So at least for the time being I am going to put most of the interactions aside, and try working through an iteration of this poem that ‘performs’ their meaning to the user. Francesca and I discussed this iteration as being like a play, which act and scenes. I am going to set off to write this play now!

The secondary development for this project are the portions of the poem that I am imagining would be embedded beneath each of the headlines to exaplin further what each one means {{ put ithoughts mind map }}
I have started expanding on the poem, so that additional text would be revealed off of each main line, similar to my folding poetry demo. I will send that along soon if it would be helpful to understand the direction of the project.