You can see the individual projects and interact with their code in a live editor by visiting my codpen page.


An experiment in programming language; expressive, demonstrative language. A fluid language that takes shape and makes meaning. This is a poem I wrote with the help of chroma.js for color and velocity.js for motion.

Press the boxes to start the poem.

Transformative Constellations

I have always wanted an interface to explore the relationships between us, our words, and the world. The interactive diagram is made using Cytoscape.js, which is a graph-theory (a.k.a. network) library written in JavaScript. The simple UI is constructed using CSS Grid Layout.

Each node can be dragged and rearranged, as can the constellation as a whole.


Playing with movement and meaning. Radiating colors and their corresponding constellation of feeling. Using chroma.js and velocity.js to do most of the heavy lifting.

Press buttons on top of animation to change the theme.

Transformative Language

Velocity.js and Particles .js to create an interactive environment in honor of the goddess Octavia Butler.

Hover and press on letters and particles to interact.

Interactive Audre Lorde Reflection Activity

This a kind of proof of concept for interactive activities that use vue.js to manage real time user input, and then produce a manipulatable environment for users to engage with their own thoughts and lives as a site of reflection and transformation. In this instance the interactive canvas is produced using raphael.js.

Type your responses to the prompt questions and then press the ‘Re-Create’ button to generate an interactive canvas.