Sense some part of what you can’t pay conscious attention to. This is about using a sensor to create data, not harvesting data from an existing system ( we will do that later). Please post using “ROY Sensor” category

My idea was to measure how often people are crying around me, including myself. Which feels like a lot lately. To be transparent and clear about my position vis-a-vi crying, I’m all about it. I cry for many, and sometimes any, reasons, and while the crying itself is not always my favorite activity, crying for me, is always a confirmation that my self is working. That it is being effected, and responding. I try to remain open to crying often, and have been known to promote well facilitated and safe environments in which to run activities which I measure by how many people cry.

The world et. all has felt particularly heavy these days, and there seem to be more people joining me in the practice of out loud, wherever you are crying. So I thought it would be interesting to measure this week. My ideas was to try and use some moister sensor to detect wetness on the cheek. Unfortunately it turns out, this was a stupid idea. Faulty science aside, nobody I talked to had any interest in trying to wear a sensor on their face, and my limited skills and imagination in fabrication limited any creative paths to making a reasonable prototype.

So I counted the number of times people cried around me this week. And despite the fact that the data was collected and measured only in my own head, the results seemed to disprove my hypothesis. There were only 5 occurrences of crying this week. Which is a good start, but not nearly enough given that Thesis is due in 12 weeks and there is a xenophobic fascist world order collating presently.