I have made an outline of my thesis project as it stands now, including the research and development steps, broken into sections. I will use this to populate my timeline and guide my thesis project moving forward.

I want to set up a ‘stack’ to develop poetic possibilities leveraging programming tools.

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I am using a piece of software called omnioutliner, which I highly recommend to everyone working on a thesis, or working on anything in general. I hope to do a longer post about the software tools I use, and omnioutliner has an extensive section in this imagined piece, but in the mean time if anyone would like to talk about and explore omnioutliner together-holler at me, I’m in. One of the features I like (love) about OO is the flexibility of formats you can work in and export out to. I do as much of my work as possible in OPML which OO allows me to do, and adds gorgeous and useful formatting tools on top of it. And it is extremely easy to get your data out of OO without it’s formatting, for example, see an iframe below of a the html exported file directly from OO.