Our reading this week was As We May Think by VANNEVAR BUSH

I took extensive notes on this piece which I am organizing for our class conversation as well as my thesis project. I use a mind-mapping application called ithoughts for a lot of the heavy lifting in my note processing workflow. You can see an overview of my map here, and if you click the link at the bottom you can see a plain text/opml version of my notes as well.

This weeks coding project Link is Here more Documentation Coming.

Hypertext Creative Writing

In researching hypertext writing for this weeks assignment, I came upon a number of websites that I had visited years earlier, just when I was beginning to look towards technology to solve some of the issues with the logic of our langauge 1 that I was trying to overcome in my engagement with the world (bl-more specific) .

This was well before I came to ITP and learned how to code, but I was so excited by the possibilities I saw in hypertext that I began to try and hack around with what I could find and manage to manipulate in service of my experiments with language and our ability to express and engage in meaning with other people (in this instance as mediated by the tools and products of technology). Some of those early influences for me are