Alameda County’s Health Care Services Agency (HCSA) operate thirty public health clinics in middle and high schools across alameda county. This project was part of a strategic planning consultancy I did, aimed at creating an integrated implementation of behavioral health services across all thirty sites. In order to do this I began by working with administration to create an online survey, which was sent out to all the sites to gather information on the current landscape of behavioral health, and to identify possible barriers, possible assets, relationships and tools that could help overcome any barriers to implementing behavioral health practices at their site. Using the information gathered from the surveys I ran a number of quantitative data analysis modules on it and created a data visualizations and a slide deck to create an actionable report for HCSA administration. In addition I created a twelve page written report on best practices, and a suggested plan for an integrated implementation of behavioral health across sites. Additionally working with HCSA I created a report on Oakland High Schools specifically, which was used as part of an implementation meeting for a new multi million dollar grant that HCSA received to implement behavioral health services in Oakland High Schools.
In addition, I set up a database with all the survey responses, and built a public api so that HCSA administration could run queries on all data.