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Using vue.js to create inputs and handle the data routes, and raphael js to draw the data on to a canvas for the user to interact with.

For my thesis project, I am now going to develop a user test. Given the first part here, where the user inputs their responses to the prompt: I am going to develop two canvases for users to interact with their responses. One will be as above with raphael js, and the other I will develop an interactive canvas using fabric.js.

I will then present users with both canvases based on their responses and ask them to interact with each and respond to what they like and what friction they find. And then base my development for the canvas part of my thesis on the responses.

So I am going to fork my codepen and develop to canvases separately.

This one will serve as my development site for the raphael canvas,

and this one will serve as the site for my fabric.js canvas

1. Fork codepen and load fabric js script

2. Implement vue –> fabric workflow
3. Post Pen

4. Develop inter-activities