As my project is coming more into focus, I have done a second iteration of my thesis timeline. I began by doing research on timeline software, mostly focusing on Grantt chart software.

Here are some links to software I found, but didn’t end up using much.

The two pieces of software I did try are, Omniplan-a desktop Mac application, and teamgrantt a web based application.

I began by trying to build my timeline in Omniplan, which is made by the Omni Group, who also make my favorite task manager, Omnifocus, and my favorite outliner, OmniOutliner. I have been excited to find an opportunity to try out Omniplan for years, and so it was a little bit of a disappointment to find the program difficult to work with.

I started to create a timeline in Omniplan (see below), but was experiencing too much friction so I moved on to the teamgrantt website.

I am finding the teamgrantt web app to be enjoyable and effective as a tool for developing a timeline workflow for my thesis project.

I am working on .finding ways to export and share it, and in the mean time here is a screenshot of my thesis timeline 2.0