This post is to host and plan the digital development of the poetry generated from my first poetry workshop user testing, which you can read more about here .

The first set of outcomes are two group poems, written in pairs, following a surrealist poetic technique. The prompt is

Collaborative Surrealist Language Event (I) (for two or more people): One person writes down a question without showing it to anyone else; simultaneously, another person writes down an answer; poem is formed by a series of these questions and answers. Alternate form: One question: multiple answers; vice versa.

. For example: ” What is the pink elephant? The reason why it is so cold this week.// Is the door locked? / I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.”

Here are 2 videos (both very raw footage) of the poems that came from the exercise. The next step for these is that I am going to experiment with synthesizing the video of the poems being read, with the words that make u the poem transposed on top of the video. I imagine I will do this using javascript.

ruta eve surrealPoem from Daniel Silber-Baker on Vimeo.

zoe paula surrealistPoem from Daniel Silber-Baker on Vimeo.

The second set of outcomes will use the poetry produced in our extended poetry exercise, the ‘I am from…’ Poetry exercise.

I am from writing activity

I am
I am from
I am made of
I am shedding
I am becoming

I am collecting the material generated by each of the individual participants, and then I am going to experiment with ways of leveraging digital tools to synthesize the individual ‘I am from’ poems, in a collective ‘I am from’ poem.